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Ms. Sheeja

Ms. Sheeja

Educational Background

Ms. Sheeja is a Commerce Graduate who then went on to study law. She is an LLB from the Siddharth College of Law, Fort, Mumbai.

Business Interests

She joined Advanced Biotechnologies in the year 2010 and since then she has been responsible for overseeing matters related to administration, legal issues, and taking care of the financial health of the company. She is in charge of handling issues related to customs rules and regulations, exports and related matters. She has been instrumental in ensuring the meticulous and smooth running of the Thane office. She has been successful in enforcing and maintaining an atmosphere of harmony and understanding between the staff and management and ensuring high morale and motivation.

Global Forays

She is also well traveled, having visited China, Hong Kong ,Thailand, UK, Germany, Swiss, Italy, France, Netherlands and other European Union nations.